Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

I know, it was supposed to be India. But, do let me share about this beautiful sky lantern festival in Taipei first.

Taiwan has been a tourist hot-spot lately. Literally everyone who visited there has release a lantern to the sky with their wishes written on it. This has always been a spectacular sight.

Well, this was mine

Now imagine, thousands of  this sky lanterns release to the sky against the beautiful backdrop the Shifen city.

Mind-blowing! Honestly your mind will be blown, mine definitely was!



Just like Entangled.

Here’s a video:

The whole atmosphere were just awesome.
There were 8 rounds of lantern that was release to the sky on that night. In total there were about 8000 lanterns.

There were performances from the local artist. Full with festive vibes.

Some useful info:

1. Celebrated 14 days after the Chinese New Year each year.

2. There local buses that are specially catered for this event. The bus is from Taipei Zoo to Shifen stop. Non-stop. There are signboards everywhere once you reach the Zoo MRT station. The bus starts at 9 am. The service is very efficient, no hassle.

3. If you want to join the crowd to release the sky lantern, reach earlier and queue at the stalls just next to where the bus will drop you. Its F.O.C! First come first serve thou.

4. Spend time at the local Shifen market. The place is full of tourist, just like a carnival.

5. Dont forget to see the Shifen waterfall. It is beautiful! You might just catch a rainbow.


6. Be early. Standby at the stage area. You dont want to miss the view!

7. If you leave slightly earlier, walk around Shifen, and you will be able to see the lanterns like stars all over the sky.

8. Get your bus back to Taipei.

A day extremely well spent!

more info@ https://guidetotaipei.com/visit/pingxi-%E5%B9%B3%E6%BA%AA
My travel details
Flight: JetStar/Singapore – Taipei
Accommodation: Hotel Midtown Richardson, Ximenting 

Ground Package: Local Bus and MRT with the help of Google map. 

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