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Boracay, Philippines


This was where I fell in LOVE with travelling and I never look back.


Even now, years after, just writing about this trip makes me smile.

Let just admire how skinny I was during this trip.



Haizxx. To think that that was only about 5 years ago? OMG!

Anyways, this trip is full of many first times for me. That’s what made it even more wonderful.

To begin with, it was the first trip that me and my BFF – Qasha took together. It was also the first time that I saw the other two girls – Anis and Ira. We become quite a good travelling squad. Together we took another 2 trip the same year to Yogjakarta and Bali.

Qasha invited me to join the trip and I am grateful till now that I said yes.

It was a 5 days / 4 nights trip.  Our flight were supposed to be to Kalibo but it got re-scheduled. We had to make a stop at Manila instead.

We took the night flight to Manila, stayed at the airport and continued to Kalibo. One good thing about this was we saw one of the local basketball team. I cant remember the team’s name now but the way people were going crazy was an experience itself. It was also the first time, I felt short!

Once you reached Kalibo, there’s another est 90 minutes drive to the ferry terminal. AirAsia do sell the connecting trip ticket in the flight but its actually much cheaper at the booth outside.

The last thing to was to take a 10 mins ferry ride to the island.

So much trouble isn’t it, 2 flight, 1 car and 1 ferry ride? This was exactly why I hated travelling before. Oh the effort to get to one place.

Oh, there’s one more, once you reach the ferry terminal, there’s still 1 last local taxi ride to the hotel.



How exciting!

Our hotel was at Station 1. Checked in, freshen up and started the tour to actually see what the hype was about.

And this was what we saw


Wonder-struck was the only way to explain our feeling at this moment. The long journey was not only forgiven but forgotten.

Imagine us! All so excited! The sand! The sea! The sun, even when it was hiding a little!

By the way, we got so excited that we actually jump right into the sea.


Just some info on White Beach:

i. It is the main and most happening beach at Boracay. You will see rows of eateries , hotels, massage or mani-peedi shops and bars just at the beach-front.

ii. At night, lots of Bar have their own Fire Dance (banned now, when it reopens).

iii. The sunset at the white beach are lovely! We managed to catch one at our third day. See

I fell in LOVE

Like they say, its hard to see a sunset and not dream.

iv. There’s the rock formation known as Willy Rock that is popular with the tourist. Its only accessible during sunrise. Qasha and Ira actually woke up early just to be there.

On our second day there we try some of their sea/ beach activities.

Before this, I have never even been to an open ocean, not considering the ferry rides. All I ever did was be at the beach. This particular day, everything started to change.

Starting with Flying Fish. I didnt even have a general idea what this was.  Until I did it.

Here we are, at their prep station just in the middle of the open ocean. I still had no idea what were about to happen.


All  ready. Smiling!


Some last minute tips from Qasha.


It started smoothly. I was OK.



Till, this happen.



At the very moment my heart almost drop in the ocean. Never had I scream louder.

The main aim was to make us fall in the ocean.  The struggle was real.

After a few rounds of this, I injured my knee. I had to voluntarily stop as I injured my knee.
Thank God for the injury!

Next we went for parasailing.

Qasha has sea-sick problem and it intensify in this sort of speed-boat.

We went up together. This was definitely smoother than the flying fish.

Look at us, happily going up.

And up.

The view was so beautiful up there. I was handling it very well as first timer.

What you dont see is that, while I was being awe-struck lost in the spectacular view, in my own world, Qasha was having an episode of vomiting due to her sea sickness. That was one way to bring me back to reality. We had to signal them to lower us down as quick as possible.

She was fine after that as her stomach has cleared. We laughed all the way!

We continued with sea-walker or also known as being an astronaut underwater.

It looks more complicated then it actually is.

All, I had to was, go down the stairs and someone will help us with the helmet.


Just continue descending.

There’s always someone near us, just in-case of any emergency.

Once you reach the sea bed, you will be re-united with your group and you are free to walk around. If you feel any change of air-pressure in the ear remember to swallow your saliva. It helps.

This was such a huge deal back then.

Relatively, this was the most relaxing incident free activity that we have done during this trip.

We continued with some land activity thereafter.

The chosen one was ATV.

So excited for the next one activity!

All buckled up and ready for our ATV ride.

All set to go!

And not even 30 second after starting the engine, I crashed into the nearby tree. I didn’t even pass the first corner.

The physical injury was zero but the mind was not.

This incident made us laugh till today.

Anyways to play it safe, they decided to change our ride to this.


And me back to what I was actually good at: Being a Professional Passenger.

Just for the record, I have yet to get my driving licence till to-date.

The highlight of the ride is the Mt Luho View Point.



Finally when you are on top, this is the view that you will get


To end the day, the last activity was ZORB.

We didnt manage to take any pictures as we were extremely busy being in a ball and rolling down the hill.

The only tip that I can share is, never, NEVER, sit facing the 12 or 6 direction. Always go for 3 or 6 instead.

The next day we went for Ariel’s Point.

The main activity is cliff diving – 5 m / 10 m / 15 m.

Just a reminder, I have never before this even swim in an open ocean with a life jacket. Floating was an art that i have yet to learn.

We started early in the morning. The ferry departs from White Beach also.

This was at the arrival point at Ariel’s Point.

The ticket we purchase is inclusive of the return ferry, food, drinks even alcohol and all the activities there.

Some general views of Ariel’s Point






I did the 5 meter dive.

I trusted my life in the hands of the canoe-man.

Here I go. There’s even that smile.

The mantra: Dont think of anything. Just walk till you drop. The canoe-man will come and get you.

And to calm the adrenaline rush afterwards get a huge glass of Vodka. It helps.

Maybe that’s why they give free alcohol.

Qasha being Qasha, did all 3 jumps, Ira did 2 and me and Anis did 1.

After lunch, you can do some other activities like snorkeling or canoeing.

There are so many beautiful starfish here.

We went for snorkeling.

There are so many beautiful spots for pictures here.





The ferry back to White beach leaves at 4 pm.

Here is where I understand, on the concept of you go sober and you come back drunk.

We went to Phuka Beach on our last day there.

It is a beautiful beach with beautiful dark blue water which is a total contrast of the white beach.







And of course to end the day and the trip we went for the well deserved massage and mani – pedi.

Some of the must try while you are here:

i. Jonas. Their mango shake is just awesome!

ii. D’talipapa. Get some fresh seafood here and proceed to any of the restaurant. You can ask them to cook it for you according to the taste that you like. The price and the taste is worth it.




This trip made me realize why people love travelling.

Enduring the whole journey just to be there and enjoy every moment is fulfilling and worth it.

This is where I fell in LOVE and I realized that I am willing to go thru any journey just to have my wonder-stuck moment again.

Since, Boracay is opening again, lets hope that I make a return trip soon.

Also, to the girl squad lets do the big-30 in Cebu!

p/s: Off to Bali tomorrow with the family. Hoping that all goes well.
The next post will be on the following week.

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