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Bali, Indonesia


That one place that is in everyone’s bucket list.

The 2nd time for me and this time the experience was totally different.

See, every year for Diwali we go for a trip and this year we selected Bali.

The thing is, our group has always been small due to one reason or another. This was the very first time that we traveled in a group of 10, with 2 elderly and 2 babies. Me being the planner, practising for the next job (hopefully).

Oh the stress!

Not only that, all the earthquakes, Tsunami, active volcanic activity and the plane tragedy in Indonesia was not helping either.

Still we were there from 7/11/18 to 12/11/18. I got the tickets pretty cheap during the AirAsia promotional period. It was less than RM1000 for 6 adults. Pretty proud of myself for this deal.

For the accommodation, I booked Furama Xclusive Ocean Beach Resort in Seminyak. The reviews for it were pretty good especially on the location. We got 2 rooms, 1 studio and another 3-bedroom suite. The cost was est RM4500 for 5 nights. It was another bargain that I got consideringthe reviews of that place.

As we took the night flight to Bali, when we arrived at the hotel it was already past midnight. To be honest, the first look was pretty disappointing. We couldn’t see anything. The cost was definitely not justified.

But, the next morning, it changed!

The hotel was located exactly at the opposite of the Double-Six Beach.

And, this was the view that we got.

Being the freaks for the sun, sea and sand, this was HEAVEN!

The pool was also very welcoming.


We spent the morning at pool and beach. Very well deserved after the long day previously.

I had actually pre-book all my Day Tours for the next 3 days via Klook. Honestly, the service was good!

So the agenda for the first day to watch the Sunset@Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Dance followed with Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran.

The top most priority in Bali! Of course, minus the sea-sport.

The sun was rather shy on that day as it has been cloudy. But the overall view was still mind-blowing.

This was the best shot that I got.


Here we are enjoying the view.


There is something so mesmerizing about watching the kecak dance, siting at the cliff top, enjoying the open sea (South Indian Ocean, I think) and just waiting for the sun to set. Although this was the second time, it still never fail to mesmerize me, again!

Anyway, Kecak dance itself is watched by so many people. The place was packed as usual.

It is based on the true story of Ramayana. The show was pretty intense.


Like they say, if you can only watch 1 traditional dance in Bali, then this is it.

After this, we enjoyed our grilled seafood by the beach while hearing the huge waves crashing at Jimbaran. We can even see the airport from here. So you will be seeing all the flights that arriving in Bali. The overall atmosphere was amazing.

Day 3, we went for a ride in the 1952 VW Jeep.

The ride was so stylo. SEE!

So we book a total of 4 cars with 2 pax in each. The best part of the ride was the formation that they maintain due to the colour of the car. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

They will stop anyway as per our request. This gives Two thumbs up for the guides!

We were not so interested in all the shopping and handicraft stops. So we went straight for the Coffee Luwak stop.

Oh, before that, as stylo as the car is, just note the SUN always win! We will eventually  bring out the hood or your risk being a dry – sotong!

Coming back to the first stop. They will bring you the Coffee Luwak plantation. The history behind the coffee is that it is actually made of the fox’s poo. If you are all so adventurous go for it, or you can just try the other coffees and teas like we did.

There are a variety of it and the colours are pretty interesting.


And here were are enjoying our cup of coffee.

The obvious winner was the coconut coffee. It was pretty good.

The Swing (#BaliSwing is pretty hot nowdays) is also available if you want to try.

Then we moved on to the actual attraction of the day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The mighty Mt Batur and it’s lake.

Breathtaking! Beautiful! Mind-blowing! Spectacular!

The cream of the cake was that we were at the highlands so the weather were so cooling. Definitely colder than our Genting or Cameron Highlands.

Here, we had our lunch  and continued the main agenda which was photo-taking.

Let me share some.


This kind of view stays in the heart forever.

Next, they took us to base of the mountain. My first experience with volcano and it was amazing!


It reminded me of Mt Fuji. Magnificent and beautiful.

To end the trip, we stopped at Tegalalang Rice Terrace.



Since it started to rain, we couldn’t actually walk down to the terraces.

On the brighter side, we got some pretty romantic pictures.

Day 4, we visited the Ayeh Panas hotspring.

That dip in hot spring was so good! And there’s actually a waterfall right next to it.

Here we are, having some good time.

And, then we moved on to Pura Ulun Danu from here.

That place is just as beautiful as it was 4 years ago.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From here, we went to the local market to do some shopping. Main aim was strawberries.  Eat it with nutella and its super yummy!

We spend our last day in Bali by staying in the pool and the beach.

Very well spend indeed. The waves were just crazy.



The best way to end the trip was by watching the sunset from our return flight.

It was so mesmerizing, just like an painting I would say. Couldn’t have ask for a better view to say Goodbye to Bali!


Here, the Hazy Bali from our return flight.

We had an excellent time in Bali!


Till next year! Much love!

I akan always KemBALI padamu! (so cheesssyyy, hahahha!)

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