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Disneyland, Tokyo

One of the best decision I made was to go Tokyo Disneyland. I visited on January 04, 2017.Hence, New Year’s celebration was still in place

Well, many prefer to choose DisneySea instead. But if you want to enjoy more shows instead of queuing in the lines for rides than Disneyland is the answer.

Pre-book your tickets online via their official website. You will save lots of time.

So, I stayed at Hotel East 21 Tokyo. Its a good neighbor hotel for Disneyland. Hence there was a return pickup from the hotel itself. Do remember to book as soon as you check in cause its first come first serve basis only.

There’s the bus!


I visited on January 04, 2017. New Year’s celebration was still in place.

First thing first. Dont forget to take the pamphlets from the Customer Service staff or the information counter. It contains all the important details on the shows and parades such as time, venue and route.


Its easy to get caught in all the euphoria.

Mickey will be the first is the first one to greet you.


I had aimed for 3 things beside the food and shopping – Happiness Parade, Dream Light Parade and the Fireworks.

The Happiness Parade was specially made for New Year.  And obviously, as the name suggest, it spreads happiness.
Hahahaa.. Well, I was definitely one of the happy kid.

Here’s the short-clip from the parade:

Next was the Dream Light Parade or also known as Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade

The parade was so beautiful. There is no other word to describe the it other than AMAZING!

It get get pretty chilly at night.Might be because of the winter. Always wear something to keep you warm. Otherwise you will end shivering all the way!. Just like me!

Enjoy the video, ignore the shaking!

There was only one reaction – WOW!

Sadly, the fireworks got cancelled due to poor weather.

But still, this was one of the happiest day of my life! even with all the shivering.

Hoping to visit another Disneyland SOON!

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