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Jungfraujoch, Switzerland

Well, before arriving at Grindelwald, I did not do any research on Jungfraujoch.
Technically, I was unaware of anything other that some of its pictures that I have seen before.

I wanted it to be a surprise and trust me, it was worth it!

Jungfraujoch is also known as Top Of Europe. Literally, it was. And the view that you get is definitely a feast for your eyes.

So, first you will have to get the tickets from the Grindelwald Station. The journey would be Grindelwald – Jungfraujoch – Grindelwald, with a changee of station at Kleine Scheidegg.
The cost per person is CHF190, all in – train ride and the viewing platform. There is no additional fees to be paid on-top other that your own meal and souvenirs.

So this is the ticket and we given chocolates as a token of appreciation. How nice!

Also, we are given a “Passport” as keepsake to remember this wonderful journey.

So, then the awesomeness start. The train journey. My GOD!

This is just part of the journey. And it is already so awesome.

And this is from Kleine Scheidegg train station.

After that awesome train ride, you will be greeted with this:

If you go thru the passport, you will see that there are a-few point of interest for you to see like – the Ice Palace, Sphinx Observatory Platform, Plateau Platform, Chocolate Factory and many more.

The most interesting want is definitely the 2 platforms – mind-blowing view!

But, do make a stop at the Ice Palace first, to get this picture!

Other pictures includes:

Moving on to the Sphinx Platform.

That weather the other day.

Sea of clouds, blue sky against the mountain view. Only one word to describe – Oh My God!

If your jaw has not drop open with that view, move along to the next platform.

Snow as white as it can be, with the sky being just the right shade of blue complimented with the river of clouds.
One word comes to my mind – HEAVENLY!

No amount of pictures were enough to actually capture it all.

You can play with snow to your heart’s content here. Stay as long as your heart desire. Take it all-in.

Technically, the trip covers a full day as long as you manage to catch the last train down – which was about 4.40 pm ( if i am not mistaken).

Some other pictures that you can take:

Well, this is the place that stays in the heart forever!

I cant wait to discover more of Switzerland.

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