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Amsterdam, Netherlands

After London and Paris, Amsterdam was like a breath of fresh air. Well, maybe a breath of fresh WEED but still .. it was FRESH.

It was a day trip from Brussels City. So we took the train from Brussels Midi Station to Amsterdam Centraal. The journey was pretty simple and comfortable.

Once you step out of the station, you are at the heart of it all. The canals, the shops. The atmosphere was just mind blowing. I didnt have anything in mind, so we just walk. Taking in the atmosphere, it was a good one.

No, I actually did have something in mind.

This is LOVE!

And then, just continue walking. Every spot and every stop in picture-perfect and it was just like those POSTCARD perfect moment.

Some of my favorites:

Now us.. enjoying the moment!
Walk to the left or right, take the tram or the canal tour, just keep going. Another picture perfect spot will be just around the next corner.

There was even a LION in this city of WEED.

                      CNY celebrations started pretty early here.

At the Centraal station, while waiting for your train, this is a must do..
Or you can be like me, who can only enjoy the show, just sit back and relax.

My day trip only lasted about 8 hours. Nevertheless, it was the best 8 hours in a city.

This might be the only European City that I will definitely come back to.
Just to spend the time, soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying me New Year’s beer.
I am already day-dreaming!

If you any any info on the transportation, cost or itinerary, you can read it here:

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