Bergensbanen, Norway

The whole Oslo – Bergen train ride with the distance of 496 km is SCENIC. And there is no way, that anyone will not enjoy the ride.

I was only in Norway for 5 days and I had to choose between chasing the Northern Lights @ Tromso and this scenic train ride between Oslo and Bergen.

I think I made the right choice. All 3 – Oslo, Bergen and the SCENIC train ride was awesome.

We took a flight from Brussels to Oslo. From Oslo Airport, you can take the express train to Oslo S (Oslo Central) Station.

We stayed at Radisson Blu Hotel. It was only a 5 mins walk from the Oslo S train station. Even the Bergensbanen starts from here. So location wise, it was good.

The best thing about Oslo is its the Winter Capital. Literally the capital has so much of snow fall. From the airport itself to the hotel, you will be able to see snow everywhere.

The next morning, at 8.25 am we begin our adventure. One hour into the journey and you will be amazed with this amazing sunrise.

If only all train windows have this kind of amazing view

Throughout the 6 hours journey you will be shown the most spectacular views that a train window can offer. Snow mountains, ski resorts, waterfalls, lakes and frozen rivers would have never been this awesome if it was not a fact that it was all from a train window.

Here’s another view that this spectacular train window offers

Sit on the left or right, the view is still superb! My favorite thou was the Left side as I was able to catch more waterfalls.

Sharing some of my favourite shots from this 6 hours train ride with not a dull moment in it.

Oh.. and here we are.. that is the expression you give after seeing all of this marvelous views.
Or maybe it was the toothache?
Nah, definitely the view.

We arrived at Bergen at about 3.30 pm and we spend the night there to explore the city.

There are 2 major attractions – Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage City and the Floyen, a trail up to the mountain to enjoy the view that city has to offer.

If I need to use one word to explain the city, then the word will be “COLOURFUL”.

It was raining the whole time that we were there. Still, the view was something you wouldn’t want to miss.
We caught the 3.30 pm train back to Oslo S. It was almost sunset. But the view was still breathtaking. Definitely get the right-hand side to enjoy the view.

The 4th day, which was the last night in Europe, we spend by exploring Oslo.
Oslo is the capital where you got to enjoy the sun, sea and snow right the capital’s heart.
Just a few minutes walk from the Oslo S station I got to enjoy all these.

All of this is near towards the Oslo Opera House, which is at the head of Oslofjord.
If you are into the fjord tours, you will be able to catch that from here also.

It was the best way to end my Europe trip. And needless to say, I will definitely make a trip back to Norway for the Northern Lights.
Till then, Norway, you are saved in my heart!

If you would like to know more on the itinerary, cost and ways to book the train ticket, you can read it here:

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