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London, England

The city that is so wonderful in the stories and was just OKAY in real life.
Well, it still felt good to be there. Technically, it was also the first European City that I visited.

All the places to see is very “touristy” and most of us has actually seen it even if we have yet to be here.

Anyways, my stay was from 24.12 to 27.12.18. So we started exploring London on the day of Christmas. The public transportation was closed due it, so we had to walk all day. Luckily, the hotel that we stayed has a very strategic location. So, the places can be covered rather easily.

Places covered on the first day – Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, National Gallery, Big Ben (undergoing refurbishment), Trafalgar Square, London Eye and everything that could be reach via walking.

It was pretty simple. All I needed was GPS and lots of energy to walk.

If you look at the pictures below, you might notice that you have actually seen it somewhere.

The second day was more interesting.

Started with Paddington Station. Excitement was only because of Paddington Bear is so cute!

Continued with King Cross Station ( Harry Potter fan since forever!). Platform 9 and 3/4 itself was close as the train station was closed. But you can walked outside, head toward St Pancras Station. The flying car scene in HP2 -Chamber of Secrets was shot here.

I was so EXCITED that my I closed my eyes in every single shot in-front of this station. Forgive me for not being photogenic.. HAHAHAHAH .. to be honest the excitement was real!

Moving on, it was London and Tower Bridge. This place is beautiful! And, tower bridge being Tower Bridge draw all the attention.

Here I am, on top of London Bridge looking towards Tower Bridge. The experience was nice.

So, we can actually walk at the promenade alongside Thames to Tower Bridge from here. That’s what i did and I had the worst experience:

Someone stole my MAMEEss .. I bought it all the way and someone just snatch it away from us.. * being dramatic as always*

Its a common knowledge that major European cities are the hot-spot for pickpockets and yet its even more common for us to make mistakes. We have a general tendency to learn to be extra careful only after it happens to us.

Anyway, back to the story, all that had happen was, I carelessly put my bag – with water, snack, power bank and gloves on a chair right next the spot where I wanted to snap a picture. A handsome young “tourist” approached us to ask help with snapping his picture and that’s how we realized the bag was gone. Turn back at the exact moment, and true enough the bag was no where to be seen. He showed a frustrated face and just casually continued walking.

This is a very common technique used. Well, good thing was there no cash or passport in that bag. We did learnt our lesson and this was the only incident for this trip.

The picture that cost me my Mamees supply:

Not even that nice, but yea for the sentiments that it holds.

And some others

And that was London for me. The city that is so popular that everything has either been read, seen or heard before.

Honestly, I still prefer the version that I read about in books.

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