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Interlaken, Switzerland

The simplest yet satisfying adventure – discovering Interlaken.

My stay in Grindelwald was for 4 days. On the 3rd day, we explored the colourful city of Interlaken. The original plan was to discover both the lakes – Brienz and Thun. But the day was foggy – with no clear view at all, I only did Lake Brienz and Interlaken City.

Well to go to Lake Brienz, take the train from Grindelwald and get off at Interlaken OST station. From there, we can walk all the way to enjoy the lake view and the walking trail. Lots to see and many pictures to take!

There are few walking trails to follow. We did the Helena Trail (if i remember correctly) all the way to the Interlaken West station.
The saying – Not a dull moment was SPOT ON!

Well, here is the video of the lake. Chilly and foggy but still so calm and serene.

Here’s the walking trail from Interlaken OST to Lake Brienz

Oh. And I was so excited to see Swans. Swans are graceful. Swans are beautiful.

Here are some of the pictures:

The icing to this cake was that even the train journey to Interlaken OST, be it from Grindelwald or Bern is so beautifully scenic. One of the best that I have seen.

The video that I have is for Interlaken OST to Grindelwald.

If during winter this place was this pretty, imagine it during spring or summer. Well, maybe I will be there again. Hopefully! I still have Lake Thun to discover after all! *crossing my fingers*

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