Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, imagine a cleaner Kuala Lumpur then add in the various type of markets and a river that has boat service. You get Bangkok, well that was the impression that I had.

It was a Company Retreat, a very different kind of travelling experience even with a free and easy itinerary.

The trip itself was from 13 to 16 July 19 and there were about 60 plus member in the group. A combination of executives from various departments.
Noticeably a very large group of happy SHOPPERs! (p/s: dont count me in :P)

We stayed at Berkeley Hotel – Pratunam. The hotel location is rather strategic and its a walking distance to a few night markets, good food and all the Shopping Malls.

The itinerary itself was pretty simple – shop, eat, shop, massage / salon / mani-pedi, eat and shop again. My friends was never tired of shopping. There’s always something to buy, a market to visit.

So the Day -1 was friends, food and shopping!

Day 2 – since it was a company retreat, workshop and team-building exercise is a must.

To end day-2, more shopping, food and massage.
From what I have gathered – the “MELISSA” shoes was the hit among all. The term-shop like crazy applies here. The shop was at Central World Shopping Complex.

You do have to make stop at Big C to get all the sinful snacks.

And it was the very first time i tried the pork burger from McDonalds. Honestly it was not bad.

Begin day 3, with the visits to some of the shrines in the city.
Erawan Shrine is on of most popular shrine in Bangkok.

And the next 2 that we visited was in Chinatown.

Well, since we were in Chinatown, the shopping spree continued for my friends.

The day continued with with us going or our separate session of more shopping, massage, eye-lash extension, or hair salon with a manicure session at Paladium Mall.

At night, we visited Ratchada Train Night Market. (There was no train? or was I actually to lost to see?)

You get the best Banana/Nuttela and Durian Crepes (Thai Pancake) here! 60 bhat for the banana- nuttela and 100 baht for the durian crepe. So excited to eat that I forgot to actually capture a picture. But trust me, it was Marvelous!

We also had Moo-kata (since, we were in Thailand and all) . The Thai pancake and the watermelon juice was better.

Continued the night with more shopping at NEON and Paladium night-market.

Oh, and I did one of the most random thing that I can think of at NEON

Day-4, the last day, more good friends and Food before catching the flight back to Singapore.

Team HANA!
Friendship over the ERP system upgrading project.
Well, Chana was one of the consultant for the project.

Lunch at Baan Garade@Bangkok, just next to NEON market. The fodd was GLORIOUS! All of it was super tasty!

There’s a dessert shop, After You @ Siam Paragon that serves excellent dessert – a must try!
Its usually crowded, and you have to wait in queue, but we were just lucky that there was none when we went.

Its a known fact that Tuk-tuk at Bangkok is expensive (Grab is the choice if you are on a budget) but the experience with this group of people was priceless!

Proof of 4 days worth of shopping

That’s the end of the trip!

I am extremely Lucky that I actually went to Bangkok with them. When the trip was decided, I was not-sure if I will enjoy it, as shopping is not my forte.

But, thanks to them, there was never a dull moment!

Hopefully there another trip next year and it can be Bangkok (again), you wont hear me complaining!

Till then.

Looking forward to the trip to Batam in August with you all.

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