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Cruise! SG-Surabaya-Bali-SG

For the love of waves, stars, sunset and books! Not necessarily in that particular order.

Why cruise? The question that many people ask.. Well, out of curiosity I wanted to try and due to time constraint, that the available route.

The cabin cost us about Rm2500 per pax for the balcony deluxe stateroom for a 5 nights trip. The cruise is operated by Dream Cruises under Genting.

You can get getting the tickets online and the booking procedure is pretty simple. Upon confirmation of your purchases, they will assign you your respective cabin.

The cruise check in was in Marina Bay Cruise Center. Arriving there, and looking at the queue – about 3400 pax is scary. But, the staff is pretty efficient and I spend only about an hour and half from drop off, getting your cabin card, security screening, immigration screening, surrendering your passport to the staff and finally you are in your hotel room!

And all that we have after is wait for the cruise to sail away! Spend the time exploring, eating, snapping pictures or jump right in the POOL!

Food option – Chinese Restaurant, Western, International Buffet – Inclusive of Halal Food and 24 hours snack counter is already included in your cabin room purchase.

Being me, snapping (and deleting pictures) was the key thing to do.


no rush. just being on the move!

So the first and second day was spend at the high sea.

There’s where you get to spend time with your books. While your bf spends his time at Casino.

Waves, stars and books. Who knew ๐Ÿ™‚

While at the high sea, the sunset was spectacular.

Sunsets and dreams.

The un-edited pictures of that particular sunset.

Day 3 was spend Surabaya. We took the excursion to some of the local temples and their submarine.

and spend the rest of the evening, trying to see the sunset and fighting the wind! Needless to say the wind won!

Day 4 and it was North Bali. My 3rd visit and I still love that place! Like said, I akan selalu kemBali padamu (cheeeesssssyyyy.. haahahaha).

Day 5 was high-sea again. fThe final day to soak in all those glorious vitamin-sea.

And day 6 – at 10 am we check out from our cabin. In less than 2 hours we were already at home.

The best thing about cruise: Right after the immigration is your hotel room and vice versa. No need to spend the day at the airport.

Well, since I did enjoy the whole journey, next year Jun’20, I am aiming for SG-Kota Kinabalu-Palawan-SG.

Till then.

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