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Redang Island, Malaysia

It was the reunion trip for the girl squad and oh god! was it beautiful!

The trip started with a simple surprised Birthday celebration at Dashbox Cyberjaya.
We turned 30 this year! yeaayyy!

and they were definitely surprised!

Dashbox itself is a rather fun hotel and on of the staff (FnB, as I always saw him in the restaurant was very friendly, sorry didnt get your name.) His recommendations on the food was spot on! Satay Pizza is definitely a must try!!

Still, the maintenance part of the hotel can definitely be better.

After a night’s fun here and one action pack Telegu movie later, we drove; me -a professional passenger still, definitely no changes-there yet, all the way to Kuala Terengganu.
The term a bumpy ride was made for this road.

First stop, was Nasi Dagang Atas Tol.
Nasi Dagang originates from Terengganu. The queue at still was so long, waited for almost an hour for the food.
My friend actually gave two thumbs up for the rice and “POWER” was used to summarize the quality.

Our ferry to Redang Island was from Shahbandar Jetty Terminal. Delays in the service is are to be expected. But otherwise its a smooth ferry ride for 90 minutes with only two stop for us.
Our resort was under Berjaya, you can book the ferry together when you book the accommodation.

The first stop before reaching our destination.

Our stay was at The Taaras Beach and Spa Resort. Just alight from the ferry and the van to bring you to the resort will be there, as convenient as it can be.

The resort was so beautiful with its own private little beach. All that I need was there-sand, sea and the sun. When you dream on an island life everyday and finally you can wake to this. Just like a dream came true!

Some shots from the resort.

This slow-mo is one of my favorite shot from this trip

Walk and enjoy the view, like the mother and daughter duo

Or you can just spend the day, swinging your life away! Trust me, it was good!

Whats and island trip without some fun at the beach.

Laugh till your stomach hurts and then try to climb a floaty unicorn.

Look at the happy faces!

This a shorter version of what actually transpired and how easy it is to climb a wild unicorn.

You cant climb a wild unicorn when you are laughing. It was proven.

Snorkeling is one the must activity to be done, the coral was okay while the fishes was exciting.

It was time for me to put my GoPro 7 in use, it didnt disappoint.

Us!, all geared up to snorkel.

Oh, just to put it in the record, baby Adra is a much better swimmer than me.

Not sure about the rest, but jumping in the sea after years was one of the best of moment in my life for 2019.

I literally did jump from a boat into the sea, it was far from graceful, but the effort counts!

The sea was rather calm with no current. Snorkeling was good.

You will be able to see lots of fishes and definitely a lot of Nemos.

One of the stop for the day was the sand bank. One of the best combination of the sun-sea-sand.

The trip ended with lots of aloe-vera gel being applied but it was totally worth it.

The sun-kissed face.

And there’s nothing that a refreshing mojito cant cure.

Here are some random pictures of Redang Island taken here, there and everywhere.

On a side note, if you have a sweet tooth like, the buffet dinner here is definitely for us

A co-incidence it was, Ijad’s birthday just happen to be in the month of September (hahaha -the evil laugh)

Before I say goodbye, have you ever seen a dikir-barat with a Bollywood song? Neither did I, till this happen.

If you are wondering about the cost and where to buy the package, just walk in any Matta Fair. This was a result from March’19 Matta Fair. The damages was definitely worth it.

Planning to do the same next year.

Till next time. next island.

Keep on swimming!

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