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New South Wales, Australia

It was a road-trip and it went something like this:
Trust me, the journey was long but the trip was PHENOMENAL!
p/s: Brisbane was a little detour from NSW, I know.

So the journey was from 21 Dec 2019 to 03 Jan 2019.

We got rather cheap tickets from Airsasia, only RM7++ for a return trip KL-Gold Coast. SO we rent a car from Hertz, booking done via, it cost about RM2+++ and the accommodation for the entire trip was book from AirBnB or Agoda.

Before I start, well visa is a must. So, just apply the ETA online.

The flight from KLIA2 was at about 11 pm and the we arrive at Gold Coast at about 9 am.
Gold Coast airport also known as Coolangatta airport is rather small, something like Penang or even Langkawi, navigating it is very straight-foward but the Customs/Immigresen checking is rather strict.
There’s this travel declaration form that you will have to fill (nothing new there) but just a reminder, if you are bring a kid like us, even their milk must be declared under the dairy section which we almost forgot, quick thinking safe the day, a Malay family in-front of us was not that lucky.

Once clearing the customs and immigration, we got our car and we started the drive to Brisbane. It was less than 2 hours journey.

Me the professional passenger,Adra my backseat partner, Qasha the pilot and Anis the co-pilot to navigate the roads.

We arrived at Brisbane by 3 pm, catch up with meals, did some grocery shopping at Woolworths and spend the day staying in, jumping in the pool and eating some delicious home-made Tom Yum soup.

We started early the next day and we covered Redcliffe Jetty, Mt Coot-tha, Shorncliffe Pier and some shopping at Brisbane DFO.

Redcliffe Jetty is the spot for sky-diving. Hence the view
Adra was so excited to see the birds!

And the last stop for the day Eatstreet Northshore. The ambience was definitely splendid – unpopular opinion (maybe) my personal favourite even when comparing to Bangkok !

That place was brilliant – live performance, photo spots and lots of good FOOD!

The next day, it was a full day drive to Port Stephens. Stayed overnight at one of the inn (those kind of inn, that are always in the horror movies, the feeling was real).

The main reason for us to stop here was the sand dunes – Anna Bay Sand Dunes.

3 of us – sync of AWWWWW .. literally priceless.

The drive to Sydney from here was only about 2 hours. Stayed in Sydney at Glenn Alpine.

It was Christmas-eve and the fireworks were definitely the aim here.

It was raining – the to-be or not to be was definitely heavy on the mind. When the clock strike 9 and the firework started – my mind was definitely blown.

2019 Sydney Christmas Eve Fireworks

All the lights, people and shows. Definitely in my element.

On Christmas Day, full mode of exploring Sydney.

The first stop was Opera House.

Definitely a penguin!

Then it was this gorgeous Bondi Beach. That place was so packed with people and yet it was still so gorgeous.

The last sightseeing stop for Sydney was The Blue Mountains. This was the most affected place that the bush fires that we saw. But still, people and tourist was still there t explore.

All other time here was spend on either shopping or eating.

The next stop was Port Macquarie. See, I thought my mind was already blown by Anna Bay Sand Dunes and Bondi Beach, I was wrong.

The Tacking Point Lighthouse, the wind, the waves, the sunset and the very little people. Gosh! My was literally blown!.

Another spot to recommend here is the Pancake House.


So the next and final stop here was Gold Coast. Lots and lots of shopping (seeing my friends shopping bag) , theme parks, beach and New Year 2020 countdown.

We bought the 4 parks – Warner Bros, Dreamworld, Seaworld and Paradise Country. Saw all the kangaroos, took picture with koalas, ride the some of the thrilling rides and a picture with Green Lantern.

But the cream of the cake of King Julien, Shrek, and definitely the dolpins.

The new year eve countdown is so *friendly* here. Well to start with the fireworks are done twice – one for the family at 8 pm and the other one at 12. And its at all of the 3 main beach – Surfer’s Paradise, Main and Mermaid.

We enjoyed both of the fireworks at the Main Beach.

And this was my first countdown literally by the beach.

2020 Countdown at Gold Coast

2020 started with a bang!

I love Australia ! And when I am here, I literally become speechless. Every single time.

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