New South Wales, Australia

It was a road-trip and it went something like this:
Trust me, the journey was long but the trip was PHENOMENAL!
p/s: Brisbane was a little detour from NSW, I know.


Paris, France

Lastly, people remember Paris for having love in the air, being the city of light, all I am going to remember is the smell of urine everywhere, seeing vandalized building, worrying 100% of the time about pickpockets and not even one friendly face!
Definitely not Exquisite.
The concept of Paris that was sold to us is very different from the reality.

Europe 2018/2019

Sharing my recent trip’s itinerary with all. While I will be sharing the details and cost (where i can remember), this itinerary was not created based on any logic that relates to shortest distance or lowest budget. This was solely based on PLACES or EVENTS that we wanted to see or experience on that particular…

Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Fujikawaguchiko. I was there in end December 2016. A Japanese Resort Town in the northern foothills of Mt Fuji. The place surrounds Lake Kawaguchiko. The best part about the whole trip was that there are not many foreign tourist here. The place is full with locals and local tourist only. I took the highway bus…

Bali, Indonesia

Bali. That one place that is in everyone’s bucket list. The 2nd time for me and this time the experience was totally different. See, every year for Diwali we go for a trip and this year we selected Bali. The thing is, our group has always been small due to one reason or another. This…

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay. This was where I fell in LOVE with travelling and I never look back. Even now, years after, just writing about this trip makes me smile. Let just admire how skinny I was during this trip.   Haizxx. To think that that was only about 5 years ago? OMG! Anyways, this trip is full…

Kashmir, India

Kashmir, India. Locally known as Heaven on Earth. I went there in April 2016 with the BFF and trust me when I say, I was surprised. Pleasantly so! Yet to go on another international trip with her. Hopefully the big-30 in Cebu, as planned. So the flight was AirAsia. Round trip from KLIA2 to Delhi…


this little monkey is always consumed by wanderlust. at all times the only thing to think is the next destination and the only motivation is the next trip! Its impossible to say no to a trip! This my very first blog post. and a very good friend of mine has actually encourage me to open…