New South Wales, Australia

It was a road-trip and it went something like this:
Trust me, the journey was long but the trip was PHENOMENAL!
p/s: Brisbane was a little detour from NSW, I know.

Redang Island, Malaysia

dreaming about the mermaid life.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali. That one place that is in everyone’s bucket list. The 2nd time for me and this time the experience was totally different. See, every year for Diwali we go for a trip and this year we selected Bali. The thing is, our group has always been small due to one reason or another. This was the very first time […]

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay. This was where I fell in LOVE with travelling and I never look back. Even now, years after, just writing about this trip makes me smile. Let just admire how skinny I was during this trip.   Haizxx. To think that that was only about 5 years ago? OMG! Anyways, this trip is full of many first times for […]