Interlaken, Switzerland

The simple and satisfying adventure!


London, England

I still prefer the version of London that is in the novels I read or the movies that I saw!

Bergensbanen, Norway

I think I made the right choice. All 3 – Oslo, Bergen and the SCENIC train ride was awesome.

Paris, France

Lastly, people remember Paris for having love in the air, being the city of light, all I am going to remember is the smell of urine everywhere, seeing vandalized building, worrying 100% of the time about pickpockets and not even one friendly face!
Definitely not Exquisite.
The concept of Paris that was sold to us is very different from the reality.

Europe 2018/2019

Sharing my recent trip’s itinerary with all. While I will be sharing the details and cost (where i can remember), …